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Sacred Home Blessing Bundle

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This Sacred Home Blessing Bundle has been exclusively designed by Sarah Belle to offer you a simple way to cleanse your home of negative energy and impart positive energy. It's the perfect gift for new homeowners, lightworkers, modern mystics and those who simply want to raise the vibration in their home!

For years, sacred smoke and crystal energy have been used to cleanse and purify spaces to allow for this highest vibrations to flow. With this kit you'll be able to cleanse your home, and impart heartfelt blessings and protection so that all who enter feel love in its purest form.

This bundle features:

Framable, light encoded mantra card that says Love Lives Here with instructions for how to use on the back

  • Natural abalone shell for burning sage and other botanicals (4-5")
  • California white sage wrapped in hand-cut fabric ribbon
  • Beautiful natural amethyst point ranging from 1.5-2.5"
  • Comes in an organza bag that makes it perfect for gifting
  • Perfect for new homeowners

Made in United States of America