5 Tips for Summer Lashes

Summer and lash extensions are two things we can’t get enough of! We associate summer with long, sunny days spent outdoors, usually being active or lounging by the water. It entails warm nights with friends and family gathered by the grill for a barbeque or roasting marshmallows for smores over the bonfire. What’s not to adore about summer?

One of the reasons we can’t get enough of lash extensions is their minimal maintenance and ability to “wake up with lashes” providing an alternative to makeup during the summer months. No more runny mascara! However, as soon as the sun shines, it’s imperative to consider the new level of upkeep required to withstand the summer heat. Here are 5 tips for summer lashes!


Swimming with lashes

Visiting the pool, lake, or ocean is one of our favorite summertime activities to stay cool. You may be asking, “Can I swim with lash extensions?” The answer is yes! Both chlorine and saltwater, however, have the potential to effect lash retention. After you dip, we recommend that you rinse your lash extensions with fresh water. It’s essential that you do not rub your lashes as they dry. Instead, use a spoolie to brush them and gently pat to remove any excess water.


Direct heat with lashes

While we enjoy soaking up the sun, your lash extensions may suffer from the intense heat. Avoid standing directly over the grill or getting too close to that cozy bonfire to preserve the health of your lashes and keep them intact. Exposing your lashes to this heat poses the risk of “relaxing” the curl pattern or even singing them!


Sweat with lashes

Being in the sun almost always results in perspiration. Sweat contains natural oils from your skin which can seep into your eyes and reduce the retention of your lash extensions. To avoid the damaging effects of sweat on your lashes, we advise using a towel while out in the sun. In situations where you will be perspiring more, rinse your lashes with fresh water and follow the proper aftercare instructions.


Cleaning with lashes

Activities that take place outside may increase the amount of dirt and debris that accumulates in your lashes. We recommend washing your lash extensions daily by rinsing them in the shower while letting the water trickle through. For a thorough clean, use an oil-free cleanser to prevent bacteria growth and blepharitis. Cleaning your lashes regularly will help to keep them looking new for a longer period of time.


Sunscreen with lashes

In the summer, it’s essential to protect your skin from damaging UV rays! At Haven Esthetics, we advocate the use of sunscreen. It is an absolute necessity for all of our favorite summertime activities. However, it’s important to consider that many sunscreen formulations contain oil, which may lead to excessive lash shedding. When applying sunscreen, we recommend avoiding the eye area and waiting until it has fully absorbed before going swimming or building up a sweat.

It's easier than ever to participate in a variety of summertime activities while feeling effortlessly beautiful, thanks to lash extensions! With these 5 tips, our clients at Haven Esthetics can keep their lash extensions looking their best while enjoying all the fun that summer has to offer.

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