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Master Lash Artist, Microblading Pro

Leanne, owner of Haven Esthetics located in Cary, NC is convinced that she has always been destined to have a career in the beauty industry. For as long as she remembers, her love for all things related to beauty.

Leanne's area of expertise encompasses body waxing, lash extensions, and permanent makeup services. Leanne has years of experience performing licensed Esthetic beauty services and has prestigiously trained with many other talented professionals in the beauty industry.

"The joy I feel when people see their eyebrows for the first time. Eyebrows frame the face. Beautiful eyebrows add so much to our overall look. It's a total art. My philosophy is beautifully enhanced, natural-looking brows, working with my client to perfect "their" ideal look."



Master Waxer, Master Lash Artist 

Jordan master Waxer


Jordan is an incredibly talented lash artist. She has an eye for what style will enhance her clients features best.
Jordan continues to flourish in her career of over 5 years, with Haven Esthetics. Jordan has advanced training in all body, brow and brazilian waxing.
"When I do a brow shaping, I love seeing people's faces light up after we're all finished. I make sure people leave with feeling their best."
Jordan's passion for her work is evident in the way she pays attention to every detail and ensures her clients' satisfaction. She understands that a well-shaped brow can completely transform a person's face and boost their confidence.
In addition to her expertise in lash extensions and brow shaping, Jordan is also skilled in body and Brazilian waxing. She has undergone advanced training to provide her clients with the best possible experience and results.
At Haven Esthetics, Jordan has built a loyal clientele who appreciate her professionalism, skill, and ability to make them feel comfortable during their treatments. Her warm and friendly personality creates a welcoming atmosphere, allowing clients to relax and enjoy their time at the salon.
Jordan's dedication to her craft and her clients' happiness is what sets her apart as a lash artist and esthetician. She takes pride in her work and strives to exceed her clients' expectations with every appointment. Whether it's enhancing their natural beauty with lash extensions or giving them perfectly shaped brows, Jordan's goal is to make her clients feel their absolute best.

"When I do a brow shaping, I love seeing people's faces light up after we're all finished. I make sure people leave with feeling their best."



All Things Lashes, Brow Lamination Artist

In 2013, Hannah obtained her esthetics license in Cary, NC. It was during this time that she discovered her true passion for lashes and the incredible impact they have on boosting self-love and confidence in her clients. Witnessing the instant transformation and the way lashes enhance each individual's natural beauty, Hannah became convinced that everyone deserves the luxury of simplifying their beauty routine.
Hannah specializes in brow lamination, everything lashes, and brow shaping. 
She is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends in the industry, constantly expanding her knowledge and skills. Hannah takes pride in providing personalized and high-quality services to each of her clients, ensuring that they leave feeling confident and beautiful.
Whether it's a natural and subtle look or a dramatic and bold statement, Hannah can create the perfect lash and brow style to suit each individual's preferences and facial features. She believes that everyone deserves to feel their best and aims to enhance their natural beauty through her expertise.
Hannah's passion for lashes and brows extends beyond her work as an esthetician. She is committed to educating her clients on proper care and maintenance to ensure long-lasting results. She believes that self-care is an essential part of overall well-being and strives to empower her clients to prioritize their beauty routines.
With her attention to detail, artistic eye, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Hannah has built a loyal client base in Cary, NC. She continues to transform her clients' lives through her passion for lashes and brows, helping them feel confident and beautiful every day.