7 Aftercare Tips for Lash Extensions

You want your lash extensions to look beautiful for as long as possible, right? Proper aftercare is imperative to their retention as well as maintaining their aesthetic appeal. Here are seven aftercare instructions to follow to get the most out of your lash extensions.


1. Brush lashes daily

It is important to brush your lash extensions daily to maintain the integrity of your lashes, while preventing them from unnecessary damage. Brushing your lash extensions helps to remove dust, oil, and debris that may accumulate on your lashes throughout the day. When you brush daily, it also prevents your lashes from becoming tangled, bent, or unkempt. Always use a clean, dry spoolie and brush in an upwards direction.


2. Wash lashes daily

Perhaps, the most important aftercare instruction is to wash your lash extensions daily. However, clients seem to forget this step the most. We cannot stress enough how important it is to wash your lash extensions. Wash, wash, and wash! Often when we advise clients to avoid moisture, they think they cannot touch their lash extensions AT ALL, but that’s not the case. Washing your lash extensions daily ensures that they remain clean and free of debris or products containing oil.


3. Avoid moisture

It is advised to wait a minimum of 24 hours before introducing any form of moisture to your lash extensions. Although this may be a long time to avoid a hot shower, cooking over the stove, or working out, it is essential to the retention of your lash extensions. Exposure of water molecules to your lash extensions too soon could potentially cause your lashes to fall out almost immediately. Please be mindful of this prior to scheduling your service so that you can plan accordingly.


4. Avoid oil around lashes

It is essential to avoid oil-based products after the application of lash extensions.  Many clients mistake this as only mascara, but it is not limited to products applied directly to the lashes. Avoiding oil-based products means eliminating ALL oil-based products. This includes facial cleansers, moisturizers, and foundation. These products can seep deep into your skin and spread to your lash follicles, even if the eye area is avoided. Even oil-based body lotions can cause retention issues without you even realizing!


5. Avoid touching/rubbing lashes

Touching lash extensions or rubbing your eye area can be a sub-conscious tendency. Some clients even rub their eyes in their sleep but doing so will cause your lash extensions to prematurely fall out. The oils from your hands will bread down the adhesive, causing you to come in for a lash fill much more often – which in this case, is not ideal.


6. Avoid sleeping on lashes

This aftercare instruction is a bit trickier. If you have lashes that are going every-which direction, there is a good chance you may be a face sleeper. Especially if only one eye has this issue, which is an indication of your dominant face-sleep side. If you are able to avoid sleeping directly on your lashes, this is ideal. Although, if you cannot avoid doing so, it will cause retention issues. We suggest you use a satin/silk pillowcase or sleep mask to help protect your lashes during the night.


7. Avoid extreme heat

Clients who are new to lash extensions may not be aware of the effects that heat can have on their lashes. Lash extensions are made from synthetic fibers and are not able to withstand high levels of heat. It is advised to avoid situations that may cause exposure to extreme heat including getting too close to the oven, blowing out a candle, or even the extended use of hot tools as it can cause damage to your lash extensions.

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