How to Brush Your Lash Extensions

You just got a new set of lash extensions and you’re feeling like your best self! You’re probably wondering how you’ve ever lived without them, right? We get it! Lash extensions are a great way to accentuate your eyes – making them appear brighter, fuller, and wider. As great as they are, one thing we always remind our clients is that low maintenance does not mean no maintenance. If you do one thing to care for your lashes in between fills, it should be to brush them daily. While brushing your lashes may seem like a simple part of your aftercare routine, improper brushing can lead to poor retention as well as eye irritants or even (gasp!) infection. To ensure you’re brushing your lashes the proper way, here are a few tips to achieve that flawless fluff.


  • Use a clean, disposable mascara spoolie to brush your lash extensions. Under no circumstance should you brush with anything other than a spoolie. If you opt for something non-disposable, make sure it stays clean to avoid bacteria from migrating into your eyes.
  • Brush from the center to the tip of the lash extensions. Avoid brushing too close to the root of your lashes. When applied properly, lash extensions are adhered to the root of the natural lashes, therefore, brushing them too close to the root can cause the lashes to fall out prematurely. Brushing from the center of the lashes will fluff them to perfection without causing unnecessary damage.
  • For optimal results, brush the top of the lash extensions to ensure that every offending particle of dust, oil, or debris is removed.
  • Brush your lash extensions a minimum of once a day. While it’s ideal to have an established routine for brushing, do not be afraid to brush whenever you notice the lashes positioned in a crisscross direction or appearing otherwise disheveled.


We recognize that your lash extensions are an investment, and we want to help you in keeping them looking their best for as long as possible. Brushing your lash extensions daily will keep them looking beautiful while also protecting the health of your eyes.

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