Your Ultimate Guide to Microblading

Everyone knows that eyebrows are the windows to the soul; the eyes are so early 2000s. Jokes aside, it is a universal truth that at no point in history has more effort and care put into maintaining eyebrows than now. This is all thanks to the sudden 180 degree turn in eyebrow trend that saw people chuck out the 2000s aesthetic of thin eyebrows and embrace fuller bushy brows. However, many people cannot maintain those fuller brows but love the aesthetic. This is where microblading steps in.

Brow sculpting is an art, and immaculate brows can elevate your aesthetic. However, having the brows of your dream also asks for maintenance. Brow pencils are serviceable but hardly provide a solution. This is why more women are turning to the semi-permanent brow sculpting method called microblading. It is incredibly effective and all the rage in the aesthetics business these days. Read on to find just exactly what microblading is.


What is microblading?

Microblading is a type of customized eyebrow architecture where a blade with thin needles scratches the skin’s surface. These needles implant human-like hair strokes on the skin, emulating fuller eyebrows. Simply put, it brings natural color to eyebrows in the form of hair strokes, making them appear fuller. However, do not mistake microblading with tattooing, the color fades in eighteen months, and you need to touch up on your microblading once in a while.


Why is there so much hype around microblading?

A lot of factors contribute to microblading’s popularity. First of all, its semi-permanent nature means that you do not have to routinely maintain your brows and frequent the salon for touch-ups, which makes it extremely convenient.

Secondly, its effect is much more natural looking than a brow pencil or pomade, which is preferred by most people. Most importantly, the process is much less invasive and painful than threading, which is a genuine relief for most people.


Quick rundown of things you need to know before you visit a microblading spot

If you have been convinced to get your brows microbladed, here are things you need to know in order to have a great experience:

1. Have a detailed discussion with your esthetician

Microblading also has the great advantage of customization. Discuss the kind of brows you want with your aesthetician to ensure you are both on the same page. Maybe even show them a picture as an example to get the ball rolling.

2. Microblading is a financial commitment

There’s no two ways about it, microblading is an investment that will set you back a bit. It is also important to consider that since microblading involves a procedure that treats your face, it is good to be on the safe side and splurge. Your skin is precious and cutting corners on cost can end up harming it.

3. The process uses a numbing cream

Since microblading involves scratching your skin with mirco-needles, the area around the brows is lathered with numbing cream to ensure there is no pain during the procedure. The sensation might be weird, but hang in there, the brows are totally worth it.


Final thoughts

Microblading’s hype is completely warranted as it is a hassle-free, no maintenance solution to a dilemma that most people have. The aesthetic effect is incredible and it beats getting your skin obliterated by tweezers and threads every fortnight. We highly recommend microblading if you want low-commitment incredible brows.

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